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Wills and estate planning
There are so many questions when it comes to preparing for the future: Do you need a will? If you have a will, is it in order? What about a power of attorney or a living will?  Who should take care of your bills if you become sick? Is your doctor allowed to talk to your partner or spouse? Who should make medical decisions on your behalf? Who would take care of your children or your aging parents? If you register with the state as domestic partners, what effect will it have?

I can answer all of these questions for you. And I can help ensure your estate is coordinated and structured to best meet your goals.

Adoption Small ChildAdoption
Are you adopting a child? I can guide you through the legal process for all types of adoptions: co-parent, step parent, single parent, foreign, private and agency adoptions. For me, this is the most fun, rewarding aspect of being a lawyer.

Estate settlement
When someone dies, a probate court process may or may not be necessary in settling the estate. I can help you determine what legal process is appropriate and manage the process for you.

Real estate transactions
Are you buying or selling a house without a real estate agent? Are you conducting a real estate transaction with a business or domestic partner?  I can advise you on all pertinent legal issues and draft any necessary legal agreements.

Business and contract law
I can advise you on starting, registering, licensing and structuring your business. This can include a commercial lease or purchase, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and other contracts specific to your business.

This is a voluntary process of resolving conflict in which people work together with the help of a trained and neutral facilitator. I can serve as a mediator to resolve disputes such as the dissolution of a relationship, business conflicts, conflicts with neighbors, and other issues that may come up in life.

I invite you to call me to discuss these and any other legal needs you may have at 206-325-2801.